Virus Free Salon class by Elisha

How Our Salons Can Be Virus-Free?

During this pandemic, every job sector was affected, especially parlors and salons. So, Coach Elisha Chauhan, licensed instructor, and cosmetologist in the USA would tell you some interesting points about how to make your salon virus-free so that you can run your salon business smoothly.

First, we should know what an infection is, and what are the control measures? The viruses are so small and microscopic that we can’t see them with naked eyes and their contamination leads to covid-19 infection. So to manage it effectively we must apply 3 methods- sanitation, disinfection, sterilization.


Infection control procedure

Handwashing with soap and warm water for about 20 seconds will be required by the employees between every client service. Everyone should wash their hands after using phones, computers, or credit card machines, wiping the surfaces after every use.

Hand sanitizer and tissues must be provided in reception, restroom, waiting area, décor, chairs, beds, and during mani-pedi.

PPG( personal protection gear ) for clients and professionals: Masks (N95), glasses, protective face shield, separate aprons, smocks, neck strips, head protection, gloves, gowns, towel bedsheets, shoe covers, etc. should be worn by the clients and professionals before starting the services. The PPGs should be changed with each client and used items should be discarded or disinfected in a closed container.

Air exchange: The salon should have sufficient ventilation with ceiling fans, AC, cooler, exhaust fans, else during an exchange of air the virus may get released and would settle into your products.

Contactless greeting: There should be no hugs, no handshakes.

CD box system: There should be two boxes at each station labeled as C (clean ) for the disinfected items and the infected items should be labeled as D (dirty items).

Personal hygiene and social distancing: Employees should arrive at the salon showered, and come wearing clean clothes. They should also maintain social distancing with the client.

Decide whether the item used i.e. after hair cutting, facial, mani-pedi, make-up palettes, nail buffer should be disinfected, put in the trash, or put in soiled linen/laundry.

Appointments should be done online. Inquire each client about any recent coughs, or fever, symptoms of the virus, or if they had been quarantined recently. Email them infection control best practices with an appointment confirmation. 

The parking system and temperature checks: The parking systems should be by self rather than valet, and a temperature check of the client should be done before letting him/her enter.

 Door handles and waiting area: The door handles should be disinfected after every client, the chairs and everything in the waiting area should be covered with plastic, removing unnecessary magazine stands, with less tea/coffee provisions.

Retail shelf: Retail shelf should be disinfected with all its products and clients should be restricted from touching the products they don’t plan to purchase

Restrooms and break rooms: Clean and disinfect all restroom and breakroom surfaces such as floors, sinks, and toilet bowls with a proper trash can and sanitation products.

Payment system:  Payments should be preferred online, avoiding cash. An acrylic barrier should be installed for payments.

Workstation guidelines and educate the staff: Proper guidelines should be given such as cleaning, sanitization of the whole salon and disinfection of products should be done, discard items after every use by educating the staff about the necessary precautions. Be sure to check your local ordinances for proper procedures in your area.

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