Stress Free Salon class by Elisha

How To Run Stress-Free Salons?

Hey, it’s Coach Elisha Chauhan. Here are some tips and tricks I implemented for my business to flourish and grow. I was brought up in a family that had the privilege of owning multiple salons in the city. I used to booth rent in Seattle and right now I have been busy designing my in-home salon.

So what’s SFS?

Stress-free salons, are salons where you don’t have to worry, you become an asset to the salon, and the client becomes attracted to you! Then helping you enhance your business. I will be discussing these strategies which might help you with your stress-free salon.

 1) Client Retention: Techniques such as VIP exclusive upgrades help your prime members, making them feel special. Along with combining a solid referral program, this is to thank your clients for being prime members, by giving them perks and upgrades for referring more clients. Your salon will get good feedback in the community through your clients.

2) Service Upgrades:   Deep conditioning add-ons are a great express add-on that increases your sale ticket $10 or $15. I always recommend the express treatments to be 505 meaning 5 minutes application and then 5 minutes absorption. This helps to pamper your clients and feel like we are going the extra mile for them. You can also have different express upgrades every month, that way clients don’t get bored with express add-ons and are more likely to try a new one every visit. This can attract them to keep coming back, your client magnet!

3) Maintain your online presence: A constant effort needs to be made to maintain an online presence, especially in form of a website. Applications that are drag and drop for website development, like Wix and Squarespace might work the best for you, and help you maintain the page in the long run. The price list page is the second most viewed page on the website after the homepage. This will help you in automating the appointment process eventually. It makes scheduling and rescheduling easier and hassle-free.

4) Put a Facebook testimonial instead: One Facebook testimonial is more powerful than five Facebook ads put together. Have tiny reminders around the salon on the entrance door while exiting, behind the cashier, etc, lets clients leave a beneficial review. Send a ‘Thank You’ message with a link to your online review handles (Google, Facebook, Yelp) that is automatically sent from services like Square post appointments.

5) TOT programs inside the salon: Developing and training your team is essential to help them upgrade on their paths of progress in their job roles.  It is important to keep the team motivated and hyped up so that they do their job well.

6) Doing Tasty Consultations: In this, I always train stylists with a five-step process.

  • Ask basic questions about their lifestyle. 
  • Never assume anything regarding the client’s choices.
  • Have (three ways of ACK) acknowledgment method about what the client wants and reiterates them.
  • Advise clients on customizations.
  • Inform them about upkeep such as how often they need to come for their salon treatments.

7) Dealing with angry clients:  Listen first. Use “and” versus “but” in consultations. Use the three ACK methods to make them understand what you did. Evaluate about keeping or ending your relationship with the client. Based on the above answer the strategy of dealing with them changes specifically.

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