A life dedicated to helping individuals learn beauty with technology.

Elisha Chauhan - Hair and Beauty Educator
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A life dedicated to helping individuals learn beauty with technology.

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Elisha Chauhan

Elisha (born in Delhi, India) is a United States based educator, polymath, medalist & the founder of the EdTech company Hair and Beauty Tour LLC, world’s first blended learning and gamified platform in hair and beauty. Her teaching projects have trained 10.5k+ students internationally & have won more than 40 gold medals in LIVE time-based hair competitions.

The Switch

Educated in India, Elisha is a computer science engineer who graduated with A+ in her class, interned with Microsoft and worked with SAP Labs India. Inspite of a great job and salary, Elisha knew she wanted to do more. She joined her parents business of salons and academies. The idea was to gain some business experience and then do MBA(Masters of Business Administration). However, a crazy idea struck Elisha. She started enjoying working with clients and decided she wanted to run for International hair and beauty competitions. This came as a shock and pleasant surprise to her support system who completely stood with her.

Competition Pathway

Like any competent skill, hairdressing and beauty industry requires high level of skill. Elisha did her first competition in 2013 at Asia Cup, Taiwan followed by Hairworld 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Elisha trained herself from 10 different trainers from 10 different countries and has been learning since. The journey hasn't stopped for her. As of now, she has won OMC International Achievement Medal 2019 in Paris and Creative Hairstyling in Asia Cup 2015 at Malaysia. She is licensed Instructor and Cosmetologist and her trained students have won both National and International competitions. Today, Elisha is the Juror for OMC International Competitions and trained other professionals to become efficient Jurors.

Elisha Chauhan, Hair and Beauty Educator

Initiatives with Government

Elisha has worked with Government Agencies to set the National Occupational Standards for Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy in India. She has also initiated several campaigns where under-priviledged women were trained and motivated to work in beauty industry. Elisha has the skill to have a high level conversation with Government Officials and the skill to teach underprivileged women. One of the things that makes her rare!

Non-Beauty & Non-Tech Activities

Elisha has been pivotal in organizing India’s largest hair & beauty competition known as AIHBA (All India Hair & Beauty Association) India Awards. She is well versed with organizing event size of 10people to 5000 people. 

She learnt all this while volunteering & working for a cause with the non-profit organization AIHBA which helps to unite, educate and recognize Indian hair and beauty professionals. After the lockdown in 2020, Elisha’s non-profit programs under Hair and Beauty tour trained certified 4000+ professionals across the globe about Viruses and how they can establish a Virus Free Salon on re-opening.

Moved to US

In 2017, Elisha moved to US and is now a licensed Instructor & Cosmetologist in the state of Washington. After being the customers favorite in beauty school, Elisha won BSOTM(Business Student of the Month) consecutively for 6months.

She became an independent stylist in 2018 and quickly became a client magnet in the Seattle area. She launched her blended learning online education business Hair and Beauty Tour LLC in 2019 which is changing the game in hair & beauty industry.


Married to Indian engineer Digvijay Singh. The couple live with their one child in Seattle,Washington.

Recognitions At-A-Glance

Elisha is doing makeup & hair on a model.

Recognitions At-A-Glance

  • Judge for International Competitions for 
  • OMC(www.omchairworld.com)
  • Trainer for Worldskills International competition(www.worldskills.org)
  • Trained candidates have won Medallion in Worldskills at Sao Paulo,Brazil
  • Trained candidates have won 40+ Gold medals in National and Interanational Competitions
  • Received National Honor of India,Guruvey Namah Award in 2019 in Delhi
  • Juror Trainer for AIHBA India Awards,one of world’s largest hair & beauty competition.
  • Contributor for setting up national syllabus for Hair & Beauty in India which is now being taught in schools and colleges
  • Licensed Instructor and Cosmetologist in Washington,USA
  • Did a makeover for Playback singer Shreya Ghoshal (instagram following 21.5 million) for her concert in Seattle, attended by 3000+ audience size

She has been part of dramatics club in high school and graduation and hence her stage performances as hair artist or anchor have been appreciated. She has smoothly hosted events with people from 100 to 1000.

Different hairstyles on Mannequins


Trained and facilitated 300+ selected Indian hair and beauty artists at International Competition Standards set by OMC

Competition Trainer

She has trained several candidates for National and International competitions. Back in 2015, she was part of Training Team to train Indian candidate for "World skills 2015 at Sao Paulo, Brazil". Indian candidate won 8th rank.

Recognitions At-A-Glance

Action Speaks Louder Than Work.

Career At-A-Glance

Elisha Chauhan

President and founder of breakthrough education platform for hair & beauty industry







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