Tips and Tricks to make you successful in Hair coloring

Tips And Tricks To Make You Successful In Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is one of the best ways to increase your styling business. It is very difficult and requires great skills for beginners in hair coloring. I know personally because I have tried it on my own. However, I was successful in it technically as well as financially. I am sure this write-up will educate you and help you to make your next hair coloring project an absolute success.

Few tips to help you become a professional either technically or financially. HUSH! This is a secret which you aren’t supposed to read aloud. The secret tips are: 

    1. Colour wheel: The color wheel consists of colors ranging from red, yellow, orange with different levels and formulas in it. Follow the color wheel religiously is what her motto is. The color wheel can help you a lot for learning about colors and their different shades along with the formulas used in it.
    2. Level: The level of hair is decided by how dark or how light the color of the hair color is. The lightest colors have the maximum numbers ranging on the scale of 11, 12, and 13. The darker your hair color, the lower is the number in the color level scale. Dark Black ranges in between 1-3. 
    3. Protein and Hydration are different: Protein and Hydration both are different things altogether. Save both. To save both use protein builder and hydration builder. This will help you to do transformations from level 2 to level 9. For all those people who want to open their salons, remember when you are coloring, save protein, and hydration. 
    4. Ask Questions: Never ever assume a hair color. Always ask about the color to the clients. Ask your clients questions like how often they can come back for treatment, how’s their lifestyle. Show them few pictures and ask them what are the things they don’t like in the hair color picture, ask them how often they can come up for a gloss? Ask a ton of questions to your clients.
    5. Don’t be scared to explore 1-2 product lines at a time: Always remember how much revenue you are able to earn from one tube. Like how many touch-ups could be done with one tube? Once you graduate try 1-2 different color lines at a time. Don’t be scared to do so. You will learn a lot in the process.
    6. Clients Pay for color and ——-? Service? Experience? Technically speaking clients pay for color and final style. Do NOT LEAVE your clients without giving them a final look along with a photograph for your portfolio.
    7. Either you recommend the product and sell it or Jeff Bezos will: Yes you read that right! He is the CEO of Amazon. You have to sell your products even if you feel no to do that. Once you have tried a product, and you know that it will work for your client, recommend them and sell that product.
    8. Have the right tools for yourself: It is frustrating when you don’t have the right tools for your work. The right tool doesn’t mean expensive ones. It means the tools that best suit you for the type of work you do. There are products in the market which people love and recommend, but when I personally use them, I don’t find them to be worth the talk. Use what’s convenient for you and the tools that give you results. Value those tools.

Conclusion: This article was all about hair coloring and hair coloring products. I have shared a few tips or rather you can say secret tips on how you can become a professional at it, financially as well as technically. These were the secrets which you can use. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual who loves coloring hair or someone who owns a salon or someone who is working under some professional hairstylist. Anyway, it will help you to learn and grow personally and on a professional level as well. Thanks for reading.   

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