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Accentuate Your Experience With BASH!

Having accrued tons of experience and credibility in hairstyling across 10 nations, I’ve built a platform to bequeath my knowledge to you! Under my tutelage, you’ll learn more than 6000+ hairstyles using my stupendous BOB CROSS methodology. With versatility across the board, you will be more than equipped to work with several ethnicities with extensive knowledge in various face shapes, body, and hair types. There are a lot of perks you’ll enjoy as a hairstylist!

They are as listed below:

  • Free travel and hotel stay to ease your work. Clients will seek out your expertise!
  • You’ll only work half days on weekends doing special/bridal occasion hair and still earn your full income! Spend your moments of rest with friends and family.
  • Your clientage will want your impeccable hairstyling skills, allowing you to take advantage of current infrastructure and design special styles for auspicious occasions!
  • Credibility is key and you’ll gain that under my tutelage.
  • Bridal and special occasion hair competitions will be your specialty. Test your mettle against the very best!

Credibility Built Through Hard Work

Since 2015, I’ve endeavored to build a platform for myself and other aspiring hairstyling. Having completed Computer Engineering, I found my calling as a Licensed Instructor and Cosmetologist! My abilities found a home in WA (USA) where I worked meticulously to create innovative and splendid wedding hairstyles. I created magnificent hairstyles which aren’t heavy on time and incur no compromise in quality. With that ethos, I truly found success after winning International Competitions where contestants had to style hair in under 15 minutes live!

Under my wing, many students went on to win National and International Competitions like WorldSkills (also known as Skill Olympics).

I delved into various techniques across different countries including the US, Russia, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Germany, Poland, South Korea, and Brazil. Through arduous hard work and tenacity, I refined and honed my craft.

 A World Brimming With Opportunities!

I’ve accrued a tremendous amount of knowledge and now, I want to give it to you! With exceptional insight, I’ve created a thorough and meticulous course to equip you with all knowledge you need to succeed. Empower yourself, hone your craft, polish your skills but overall, do it with aplomb!

Learn, practice, and create your own unique hairstyles! I’m with you at every step of the way and before you know it, your ambitions will have the wings they deserve! So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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